Finnish fashion


Finnish fashion

Scandinavian fashion is quite well known all over the world and now Finnish fashion is starting to rise up also thanks to new and innovative designers like Daniel Palillo.

Sweden, for example is good to produce clothes for the mass markets, but Finnish fashion is still more personal and unique. The Finnish clothing industry is quite small and companies are just now starting to expand their businesses to the bigger markets. You can find good quality clothes whit great design that everybody else are not yet wearing.

Top 4 clothing brand’s that you should check out


Makia was born 2011 in the old worker, district of Helsinki called Punavuori. Makia clothes are made from strong materials to last in the rough weather of the north. The design is simple and clothes are easy to use.

You can find make clothes, for example from House of Brandon. Their web shop is also delivering products all over the Europe.


Costo started in 2006 to create environmentally sustainable and good looking designs from industrial leftover materials. Costo is a combination of proper experience in handicrafts and materials, a unique vision of style and a strive for ecological and lasting solutions. Costo is best known for hats, caps, beanies and other accessories.

Costo’s webshop has free world wide delivery

Ivana Helsinki

Ivana Helsinki uniquely combines Scandinavian design heritage with Slavic elements and brigs this mixture up to date with the Pop culture attitude. Scandinavian print design made by Paola Ivana Suhonen


Samuji is a creative studio and design house based in Helsinki. The first Samuji womenswear collection was launched in spring 2011. Samuji’s ambition is to produce timeless and sustainable design that serves a purpose yet carries a story.

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