Turku Castle

Basic Information

Turku is the third largest city of Finland and one of the most important. With around 303,492 habitants it is located on the southwest coast of the country next to the beautiful Aura river.

Turku was settled during the 13th century which makes it also the oldest city in Finland. Before 1809 Turku was the Capital of Finland but three years later the country became part of the Russian Empire and turn Helsinki into the new Capital. Despite the change, the city still continued to run many of the trade and economic activities for several years.

Nowadays Turku hasn’t lost its appeal to locals and tourists, over three million passengers travel through the Port of Turku each year. In the 1996 it was declared the official “Christmas City of Finland” and in 2011 was designated the “European Capital of Culture”.

In Turku still remains pieces of its important heritage that blend in the classic style of an old city with the modernity of the new Nordic city world development. Turku is fully packed with historical sights, art galleries, museums, gorgeous cafés, delicious classic and modern restaurants and unique local shops. In summer the views along the Aura river are totally worth of experiencing.

Getting there

From Helsinki to Turku the easiest way is to take a train or a bus. Cities are connected with highway number 1 and the road is in excellent condition. Turku has also a harbor and an airport. You can find more information about the routes and time tables from our transportation section.

Where to eat

  • Ravintola Kaskis (kaskenkatu 6 A)

One of the best places to dine in the Country, don’t hesitate to try the seasonal dishes made with locally sourced and organic Finnish ingredients.

More info and reservations: Restaurant Kaskis

  • Taco Nito (Aurakatu 3)

Nice Mexican food in a great location. Try the Barbacoa tacos and nopalitos (grilled cactus) with corn tortillas.

More info: Taconito

  • Smör Turku

Smör is a Scandinavian la carte restaurant which uses ingredients from local producers. Place its selves it is unique and worth of visiting. Restaurant it is located at the Aura river bank in a historic library block in Turku.

More info and reservations: Restaurant Smör


Where to stay

  • Cumulus Turku

Nice three star hotel with a centric location 200 m from the Aurajoki River. Hotel has a restaurant, bar, saunas and a pool.

More info and reservations: Cumulus Turku

  • Omena Hotel Turku

Location is great and rooms are really clean. Hotell is fully automated. After reservation they will send you code and whit that code you can enter the hotel and your room. You don’t need to you any checkin.

More info and reservations:  https://www.omenahotels.com/en/

What to do 

  • Biological Museumbiological-museum

The only museum in Finland in which the permanent exhibition is made up of dioramas. Animals are displayed in their natural surroundings from the Turku Archipelago to a fell landscape from Lapland, with the emphasis on the nature of south-western Finland.

Address: Neitsytpolku 1, 20810 Turku


  • Brinkhall Manorbrinkhall

The Brinkhall Mansion is one of the finest Finnish cultural heritage places located in city of Turku. In the spring of 2016 it was restored. It has a beautiful café and big gardens.

Address: Brinkhallintie 414, 20960 Turku

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