Finnish Sauna

Finnish sauna

Finnish Sauna Culture

In Finland the sauna is fundamental element and part of the national identity. It is also a really important way of social gathering among the families and friends. Finland has over three million saunas which is quite much considering that the country has only five million habitants.

Diffent types of saunas

Usually saunas that you find in the cities are working whit electric power and typically saunas in the county side areas and in the summer residences are heated whit wood fire. If you ask from a Finnish person he will tell you that best experience and relaxation is definitely made whit real wood stove sauna next to the lake. It is an awesome feeling after the sauna to jump down to the lake to cool down and after this you will really feel like a new born.

7 Steps to Successful sauna session

If a Finnish person invites you to sauna it usually means that he trust’s you and want’s to bond with you so it is kind of honor to get an invitation like that.

Follow these 7 steps and take sauna like pro!

1. Everybody enters into sauna naked. If you feel uncomfortable you can also enter whit towel of whit a bathing suit but to be honest whit you nobody does not normally do that.

2. Sit down over the top benches because lower ones are for the small kids.

3. Usually nearest one of the water bucked throw more water on the stove. If you are the one thorwing it is polite to ask from the others that if it’s ok to put more heat.

4. Straight after thorwing the water you should not open the door of the sauna because then steam escape straight away and other people will lose the warm effect of it.

5. When leaving the sauna it is polite to ask if you ca fill the water bucket that others can still continue the relaxing experience.

6. In summer time the host might offer you bundle of fresh birch twigs. You can use this by gently whipping your back.

7. Enjoy and don’t forget to relax!


Where to find saunas


Finland has a quite good variety of public saunas where you can visit during your stay. For example, all public swimming baths have a sauna. The most legendary public sauna is “Kotiharjun sauna” in Helsinki, which is traditional wood fire heated sauna. You don’t need to make any reservation to this sauna and everyone is welcome. From below you will find information about Kotiharjun sauna.

Kotiharjun sauna Oy

Harjutorinkatu 1
00500, Helsinki
Phone: +358 9 753 1535

If you are visiting Finland for several days and have time then best choice is a rent a cabin next to the lake and have your own private sauna experience with family or friends. You can find quality cabins for example from this page: Luxury cottage rentals

Get ready to enjoy the Finnish sauna culture!

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