The Finnish Snow Hotel is the winner in the World Luxury Hotel Awards 2016

snowhotel_2016_wideThe Snow Hotel in Kemi is a winner in the World Luxury Hotel Awards 2016.  Snow Hotel won a prize in two categories: Golbal award as a Bespoken Luxury Hotel and it is a country winner as a Ecofriendly hotel.

The Snow Castle can be found right by the sea near Kemi city centre, from the end of January until beginning of April. SnowHotel with unique beautifully decorated snow rooms offers a true arctic


adventure, the world’s largest Snow Restaurant seats over 200 guests and the Snow Chapel with mystical atmosphere is a memorable venue for wedding ceremonies. All is made entirely of snow and ice from the sea water. The Snow Castle is a highly unique venue for visitors offering various activities in the weekly programme and fun snow and ice slides for children. Castle receives visitors from more than 50 countries annually.

More info and reservations: Hotels in Kemi, Finland

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